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New Harlem Globetrotter Legend's Bio Coming in 2022 from Award-Winning Author, Barry Kienzle!

Award-winning author Barry Kienzle has just completed co-authoring the first-ever autobiography of Harlem Globetrotters basketball legend Nate Branch, due for release in the Summer of 2022 from Headline Books.


Nate Branch spent fifteen years with the Globetrotters during their peak ‘Golden Era’ of biggest fame, playing alongside basketball legends including Curly Neal, Geese Ausby, Sweet Lou Dunbar, and his best friend and tour roommate, the late “Crown Prince Of Basketball” Meadowlark Lemon.


Kienzle was granted unlimited access to Nate, who shares never-before-heard stories about his close friendship with basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, his legendary college playing career in Nebraska, and his long and storied heyday with the Globetrotters.


Readers will go behind-the-scenes with first-person accounts from Nate about his time on and off the court with the basketball greats and will learn about the famous Grammy-winning music group that tried to recruit Nate to join them as their lead singer, the time Nate found himself playing basketball with the castaways of Gilligan’s Island, the ripped-from-the-headlines scandal that led to Nate’s abrupt and unceremonious departure from the team, his healing after the Globetrotters, his deep faith, love of music and much more.

Nate’s co-author Barry Kienzle is perhaps best known in the sports literature world for his award-winning memoir, 'Heart of a Lion- Our Journey of Faith and Courage,’ the inspiring account of Willie Burton, the high school wrestler born with a drug addiction and severe cerebral palsy who was profiled by ESPN. “It’s similar in some ways to Nate’s story; both Nate and Willie’s lives motivate others to overcome their own obstacles and inspire kids that they can do anything,” said Kienzle.

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