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Press & Media Interviews

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Fort Mitchell Living

September 2016

Kentucky Enquirer

February 2014

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Interview on "Speak Up Talk Radio". Listen now!

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What readers have to say about Barry's books...

Seal of Approval

Highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Read the full review


Literary Classics

A unique gift to readers

Heart of a Lion explores the miracle of daring and courage. It is the story... Read full review

Readers' Favorite

Five star book review

A trip worth taking.

Barry Kienzle’s debut work is a lovely story of adventure, growth and maturation. Read full review

Readers' Favorite

Five star book review

Inspiration at its highest

What this book gives its readers is inspiration at its highest. Success and winning... Read full review

Dan Gable

Olympic Gold Medalist

Wonderful and inspiring

A wonderful and inspiring "feel good" story, that accentuates throughout the text the positive side of human nature. Read full review

Dr. Stanley Toompas

Optometrist and Author

Enlivens the soul

Reading a novel with feel-good vibes, nostalgic flourishes, and well-defined characters enlivens the soul. Read full review

Donald Then

Literary Editor

Style of a seasoned pro

Mardi Gras and the steel rails leading there come to life on the book's pages.... Read full review

Rick Robinson

Award-Winning Author

We can learn from Willie's story

High school can be a tough time in a person's life. For Willie Burton, after a life of growing up... Read full review


Dan Lindberg

Feature Producer, EPSN E:60

Sure to be a favorite

NKY writer riding toward another success. Lightning is said to strike but once... Read full review


Karen Kuhlman

Community Columnist

Enjoyed the book.

The author sure has a talent for storytelling.


Joe Buff

Author of naval techno-thrillers

It's a real page-turner!

The Crossings by Barry Kienzle captures the fearless spirit of adventure of... Read full review

Jackie Gately


Broad crossover appeal

The impeccable historical research results in the authentic storytelling of an era that... Read full review


Karen Kuhlman

Community Columnist

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