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The Crossings by Barry Kienzle captures the fearless spirit of adventure of Georgie Martin, a 13 year old boy whose family falls on hard times in northern Kentucky during the 1930's. Georgie escapes by freighthopping a train to Louisiana, despite a dissuasive friend and the ominous discipline of Sister Adelaide. He is determined to experience Mardis Gras!

I admired Georgie's courage and commitment to his ambitious – albeit dangerous – journey, which involved run-ins with shady characters, railroad thugs, and local gangs. More importantly, Georgie encountered the kindness of strangers and new friends, whose influence likely lasted a lifetime and serve as a testament to the inherent good in people everywhere. It is that premise in which the lasting value of this adventure lies, demonstrating that during the most difficult times, somehow, exactly the right people seem to cross one's path.

The Crossings has potential as a coming-of-age classic suitable for classroom discussion but has appeal for all ages given its strong theme, smooth dialogue, and engaging plot. It's a real page-turner! Even more incredible is the fact that it's based on a true story, rooted in the adventures of the author's father. Not only is The Crossings a good read, but a gift that captures a story passed down through generations for all to enjoy.

Goodreads - July 2018  5 Star Book Review

Jackie Gately

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