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The Crossings – Synopsis


Georgie was enjoying life in Latonia, Kentucky, especially the Latonia Race Track where the thoroughbreds ran and the freight trains of the L&N railroad which traveled in and out of the Decoursey rail yard. In the summer of 1931, his father for reasons unknown abandoned the family. That event changed Georgie’s life forever. After learning of the Mardi Gras in school, he became fascinated with the idea of traveling there and planned a trip with a boyhood friend where they would hop a freight train to New Orleans. On the trip south through the beautiful countryside, he dodges the railroad police, is shepherded by hobos, and is befriended by a young girl and an old sailor in New Orleans. While he accomplishes his goal of seeing the Mardi Gras, he is eager to return home, but dreads having to reconcile with his family and friends whom he expects will be furious with him for running off on such a fool-hardy adventure.


The Crossings vividly portrays the life of a young boy in a small town during the Great Depression and the overwhelming challenges that were forced upon him. His life gets back on track through the kind and caring acts of those whom he admired, and who cared enough for him to help see him through his most difficult days.   

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