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The Crossings

The Crossings, my first book, is based on a true story. In 1932, at the age of 12, my father hopped a freight train in Latonia, Kentucky and rode it to New Orleans to see the Mardi Gras.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of unique stories from, as Tom Brokaw called them, "America's Greatest Generation," from the Depression era to World War II, that are being lost to time. I'm pleased to present one here for your reading enjoyment.


Reading a novel with feel-good vibes, nostalgic flourishes, and well-defined characters enlivens the soul. Throw in trains, the Depression, and a down-on-its-luck family fraught to succeed and the story evokes cordial echoes of a bygone era. The Crossings, the first novel by local author Barry Kienzle, offers these morsels and more; it’s a treat.”


Don Then

Literary Editor, Northern Kentucky Tribune

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